Gourmet Burger Recipe – RTÉOne Today Show

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Chef Brian McDermott ready for the challenge on The RTEOne Today Show

Brian McDermott’s Gourmet Burger

In his second TV appearance of the year, chef Brian McDermott was delighted to make his delicious Gourmet Burger LIVE on the air on RTÉOne’s Today Show with Maura & Daithí.

This week's cooking challenge was to create a family meal for under €10! This challenge was an easy job for ‘Ireland’s most versatile chef’ & award-winning cookbook author! Brian decided to go with a family favorite from his book ‘Donegal Table’ under the recipe titled ‘Make us a Burger, Daddy’ an ode to his two daughters, Niamh & Aoife.

‘This is a call often made at home, ‘make us a burger daddy’. As I've a family of 4 this is ideal as everyone is happy with a quality Burger’ explained Brian who’s easy to make recipe costs under €10 to make for the whole family!

Maura and Daithí couldn’t wait to dig into the delicious burgers – served on a warm brioche bun with real Irish cheese and a good helping of homemade chips! What better way to enjoy!

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Chef Brian McDermott & Daithi  on The RTEOne Today Show

Cook this easy recipe for yourself using the method below:

Make us a Burger, Daddy

‘Burgers, and I mean good homemade burgers have made a great comeback and rightly so. They are nutritious and amazing to eat when you know what you are putting in to them. Any good burger is about quality meat and for me a fried diced onion inside the burger is key. So, when our girls ask me for a burger it’s the real deal they are after in this recipe.’

  • chef Brian McDermott